Joining Swan (incl. Fees)

This is what you need to do to become a member of the Swan Canoe Club:

  1. Fill in the membership application form available online here. In doing so you will have agreed to the rules and conditions which can read in this document: download it now.
  2. Attend a Induction and Information Night (1st or Dry Induction). These are held here at the clubrooms on the first Tuesday of every month at 7.00 pm and take about an hour. Here you can ask any questions you might have regarding the Club and learn about how we operate.
  3. After the dry induction but before the Wet Induction go online and pay your membership and key fob hire (optional extra) and register to attend the wet induction.
  4. A:  Attend the 2nd Induction Night (Wet Induction). They are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6.00 pm. During the 2nd induction you will need to demonstrate that you can competently exit an overturned kayak, and swim a short distance – you will get wet so please dress accordingly (we do have change rooms so bring a dry set of clothes). Please let the Membership Officer know you plan to attend otherwise a Club Instructor might not come to assess you.  You must bring your signed induction sheet.
    Whilst the Instructor takes you through your second induction, the Membership officer will check you have completed your online forms and made payment. At the end of this session you will be presented with a key fob (if paid for) and your ‘welcome kit’.
    B:  Or….Instead of the 2nd Induction you can attend an Introduction to Kayaking course run by the club every month (see the News, Events or Calendar section of this site) – it takes five hours and teaches you how to paddle. If you take this option you will need to email the Membership officer after you have attended your course to complete your membership process and collect your key fob.NB: You cannot become a member unless you have attended both the 1st (Dry) Induction, AND attended EITHER the 2nd (Wet) Induction or done an Introduction to Kayaking course – both components are essential for our liability and insurance cover!

The Club’s membership year starts on 1st October each year and what you are required to pay initially depends on when during the year you apply to join the Club.  Fees payable on application are shown by membership category below: These can vary so check current prices when registering for membership.

Category  Pricing 
Adult $230
Child and Young Adult (Under 23) $90
Senior (seniors card required) $170
Family Adult $205
Family Child or Young Adult (Under 23) $60

Club key fobs for your personal use ONLY are available at $60 ($20 being a refundable deposit if key fob is returned within one month of leaving the club.)

If a boat space is available these cost $175/year regardless of when you join. New year begins Oct 1st.

We look forward to seeing you on the water soon!