Introduction to Kayaking

This course is designed for people who are new to kayaking. It will provide information on:

  • What to wear when kayaking
  • Safety awareness when kayaking
  • Different types of kayak design
  • Different types of paddles

It will provide instruction on how to: 

  • Determine the correct length of a paddle
  • Hold a paddle
  • Life and carry a kayak
  • Get in and out of a kayak
  • Launch and land a kayak
  • Adopt the correct sitting position while kayaking
  • Raft up with other kayakers
  • Paddle forward
  • Paddle backwards
  • Turn a kayak
  • Stop a kayaking in an emergency
  • Use the paddle to brace to help prevent a capsize
  • Manoeuvre the kayak sideways
  • Capsize and self-rescue.

A Swan Canoe Club Introduction to Kayaking certificate will be awarded to people who have demonstrated competency in the basic paddle strokes, a capsize and self-rescue and the ability to swim 50m while wearing a PFD (personal floatation device). These skills are a pre-requisite for becoming a member of Swan Canoe Club.

Course location: Swan Canoe Club, Johnson Parade, Mosman Park

Duration of course: 5 hours

Cost: Club members $70.00 Non members $90.00 (Includes the use of a Club kayak and equipment)

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