Newsletter 23rd Sept 2017


Skills Training Session – this Tuesday!
White  Water Park And Play
Open Day Clean-up
Thursday Club Night
Tuesday Pt Walter – changing to 8am

Skills Training for Distance Paddling    

This session will suit people who are already competent paddlers but who would like to refine their strokes and improve performance.  Numbers will be limited to six people.

Date:   Tuesday 26th September   Time: 10.00 – c 11.30 am
Venue: SCC  Meet upstairs
Off the water – Stroke Analysis – posture, catch, torso rotation etc (video and practice)
On the water – Practice what you’ve learned – Elena may film you paddling then you can view the video and work to improve technique
Bring a snack for morning tea.

Please Email To Book A Spot: Elena Lennox – email: Tel: 0407445497

White  Water Park And Play – Sunday 1st October  – Time TBA

What: Bring along your short white water play boat or hire a club boat.
Where: TBA – will depend on river levels.
Who: Anyone that has completed an intro. to white water course or who has equivalent skills.
For more details Contact. Colin Priest email

Open Day Clean-up – October 7th 9.00 to 11.30

We invite volunteers to help do a spring clean of the club house – internal and external in preparation for our Open Day on 15th. Please spare a few hours of your time to help us.

Thursday Club Night

Coming soon SCC Club/Social/Paddle Night  – starts last Thursday in October – more info. to follow soon

Tuesday Pt Walter Peer Paddles

Changing to one paddle leaving at 8am from this week – remember this is peer paddle


Due NOW – you all expire on September the 30th – please do it today at this link.

Newsletter 11th Sept 2017


Footy BBQ this Saturday
SCC Open Day 15th Oct
Introduction to Kayaking Course – 24th Sept

Footy BBQ this Saturday
Come and watch the big AFL game on our big screen this Saturday at 5pm with the game starting at  5:25pm. BBQ is BYO and everyone is welcome.

SCC Open Day 15th Oct
Our Club Open Day is on 15th October, so please tell your friends, colleagues etc that this is perfect chance to come and try paddling and learn about the Club.
Also keep in mind that all the club craft are required for the Open Day and so there is no use by members between 0800-1400 on this day.

Introduction to Kayaking Course
Is on Sunday 24th September, and Colin Priest is the instructor who can be contacted via:

SCC Open Day 2017


Bring down your gear and have a go with our experienced instructors!

Come and meet our:
– Australian Canoe Slalom Junior Team members
– Ex-Olympians– 2017 Avon Descent finishers- Coaches
– Experienced instructors to find out more about
– Sea kayaking
– Flat water
– White water

Find out how to:
– Get involved with the local events
– Paddle different crafts
– Become a member – you can join on the day!

Join us for a gold coin donation sausage sizzle

Sun 15th Oct 9.30 to 13.00

Come & Meet – Come & Try

Agenda for activities

9.30 Doors open, welcome, learn about what the club has to offer & view the club facilities

9.30 to13.00 Register and on the water Come and Try

9.30 to 13.00 Table-talk, come meet our Avon Descent paddlers, learn more about our trips and tours, come and meet our Training & Development crew

9.45 – 10.15 WA Junior Slalom display

9.30 to 13.00 Visit our Boat Fleet and different disciplines

12.00 onwards Sausage sizzle


NB you can become a member on the day and take your Wet Induction




Newsletter 21st August 2017


Introduction to White Water Course – 27th August

Introduction to White Water Course – proposed for Sunday August 27th

Expressions of interest required for this exciting course on Grade 2 moving water at Walyunga National Park on the Avon River.

(We won’t be able to confirm that the course is running until closer to the date when we will know the water levels.)

Requirements: Competent paddler who is very comfortable in a small kayak like a Dancer.  Paddler who will enjoy the adrenalin rush of going down the rapids.

Pre – WW instruction: will be offered to teach the advanced strokes required for moving water. You can hire a club boat and equipment.

Email Elena : for more details and do please put your phone number in the email. Limited to four people.

Saturday August 26th

Suitable for all levels of paddler and craft. Paddling from Riverton Bridge to Kent Street Weir and if the water level allows we will continue up river for a short time. With a stop at the Cafe at Kent St Weir on the way back for a coffee.

You will need to have your own craft or hire one from the club. Contact Sarah to register: (by 24th August)


PRESIDENT’S REPORT to the AGM – 5th July 2017



This reports on my third and last year at the ‘helm’, and being ably assisted by our Committee and a few generous volunteers, I feel that we’ve had another successful 51st year as I will detail below.

50th Anniversary Celebrations

On the 12th November 2016, Swan Canoe Club celebrated its 50th anniversary with two very special events: an afternoon tea for all past Club Presidents, Life Members, Club Members of the Year and other significant contributors to the Club over this period. And in the evening a party was attended mainly by current Club members.

The afternoon gathering brought back lots of wonderful memories. On display were a range of old Paddle magazines, clothing and four giant murals covering the years early years to 1979, 1980s, 1990s & the 2000s with historic photographs, ‘Paddle’ newsletter articles and newspaper clippings.  A slide show was running which also included archival movies of some of the first homemade wooden kayaks running rapids on the Avon!  A full report and photos can be viewed online at

These events took a mammoth effort to organise, largely done by the Tuesday and Friday morning peer paddling group lovingly named The Ducklings – many thanks for your efforts.


Julia Davies reports that during the past 12 months we have seen an almost steady membership of over 300 active members. This not without the dedicated work of the volunteer members who provide the dry induction courses on the first Tuesday of every month and the wet induction session on the following Tuesdays.

The SCC Open Day was as usual very successful and encouraged a number of interested would be paddlers to come and try and indeed to eventually sign up as new members. Annual membership renewal takes place in September and last year there was as usual a turn-over in the membership across all categories. During the following six months the club replaced at least 100 memberships, with some late payers as well as new members across all categories.

The current membership stands at 357 active members broken down into the following categories:

143         Single Adults Members
56           Adult Couple Members
57           Family Type Members
6 Junior Members
10           Young Adult Members
58           Single Senior Members
22           Senior Adult Members
5 Life Members

Many thanks Julia for taking on this most demanding role this year.

Boat Replacement and Repair

As I mentioned in my last two reports, a priority has been to upgrade our aging fleet of Club boats since our money situation is very healthy. However, the only new boats this year are a double Delta sea kayak and a double guppy for juniors. Amanda was given a budget of $5000 to add two or three longer sprint boats for juniors graduating from guppies and is sourcing suitable craft.

Progress has been made on two fronts: we had to postpone a long overdue demo session with Mainpeak showing us potential replacements for our shorter plastic boats such as the Dancers and Corsicas, as used mainly for lessons by the juniors and adults. This will happen soon!  Any Julia Davies arrange a Saturday morning session recently where a few volunteers took every Club boat to the lawn and assessed it and a report is to be present to the Committee soon on their recommendations.

Tim Coward has been contracted a few times to do a range of repairs on boats, but has now moved to Tasmania, so I hope Colin Priest will follow through with his offer once retired.

Boat Storage

Chesson Henshaw reports that there is a trend towards people getting longer kayaks so demand for spaces in new area exceeds demand in old area. At present available are 2 spaces at level 4 on the A wall, several at level 5 on both A and B walls, 4 spaces at level 5 in new area and 1 at level 6.  There are frequent requests for lower spaces, and two people are on the waiting list for these.  She suggests that we increase the rental to $200 effective immediately. At least three kayaks have been abandoned during this year – she suggests we ensure people who take up boat spaces agree that if they become unfinancial and leave their kayak behind, that after six months we can dispose of the boat.  Many thanks to Chesson for doing this challenging job for the past few years.

Junior Program

The Junior Program operates on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Saturdays as well as programs in warmer holidays and we had up to 20 kids in the beginner classes in any one term.

We have a great relationship with Cottesloe Primary School over the past 5 years and have had between 25 and 30 kids coming for classes term 4.  We also experimented with combined activities with the Town of Mosman Park (TOMP).

Congratulations to Alexandria Choate, Louis Richardson, Billie Knell and Kira Wall who travel to the Canoe Slalom Junior Worlds Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia this month as members of the Australian Junior Team.

The Junior Program usually leads to the parents also joining the club which is a wonderful bonus.  Many thanks to Zlatan, Amanda, Isabella and Demi for your continued coaching contributions, and to Marion Ewing who managers the junior programs.  Please see the separate Junior Program report for 2017 on the website.

Training and Development and Courses

Our T&D sub-committee continue to provide a wonderful service to the Club organising regular beginner, sea kayaking and whitewater courses, and many day and overnight trips to a range of places. Thanks for Geoff Palmer for Chairing T&D for several years and who stepped down recently to be ably replaced by Sarah Whittaker. Please see a detailed 2017 T&D report on the website.

Building and Maintenance

We received news in September that our funding application to Lotterywest that we had been successful and granted us $53,464 to help with widening our stairwell installing a wheelchair lift, and to add much needed ramps outside our other roller doors – again thanks largely to Kerry Hughes for getting this submission organised. The wheelchair lift was a condition for being allowed to modify our balcony.  Even though the drawings for all this work had been approved in 2012, the TOMP were not happy with a range of aspects, so several more months of delays occurred.  Building started in late February and the stairs and balcony are essentially completed.

The new ramp has been more complex, and several designs have been considered and improved on over the last few months. We now have a design that everyone is happy with and are awaiting the TOMP approval to commence building. Finals costing for all these works are not in but we have good estimates and expect the Club will still have around $80,000 in the bank when the Lotterywest funds are received.

Observant members will have also noticed a new concrete path across the lawn to our front door – the TOMP agreed to do this to satisfy a Lotterywest grant condition to aid wheelchair access.

The TOMP did its annual major inspection of the buildings recently and found many issues which need addressing (a condition of our lease), so the new Committee will need to arrange this work – many are minor but a few could cost several thousand dollars to fix.

Hiring of Clubrooms

With the expanded clubroom and audio-visual system in place we have again been successful in hiring the first-floor room to a few groups this year.  But with no one volunteered to actively promote our facility, the potential for it use and resulting income has been unrealised. Thanks to Julia Davies for taking the hire bookings job on this year.


The new Australian Canoeing website has been working well although is still not that friendly to edit and still needs lots of tarting up.  Canoeing WA has gone ahead with it new local website and started porting local clubs who desire the change to this new system. We are yet to decide if we want to do the transition, as documented in last year’s AGM report.

And I thank Colin Priest for his continued efforts as our Webmaster.

Cloud Storage

Elena Lennox initiated centralising the storage of T&D’s documentation onto Google’s Drive cloud storage to ensure all members could access the files and keep them safe and current. I extended this service by signing the Club up to free access to Google’s G Suite for Non-Profits to more broadly encompass all Committee documents and am progressively moving files to this system.


Mainpeak continue to be our only sponsor and in November we signed a revised three year sponsorship agreement, and I thank Mainpeak and Richard and Sue Lushey for their continued valuable support.

Town of Mosman Park: Fair & Stomp

We again participated in this annual fair in March – our third appearance. We displayed a pull-up poster about the Club, a PowerPoint animation of photos on a large computer screen and two plastic kayaks. Several members volunteered to chat with visitors and it again proved quite successful, and I recommend we should participate every year to support the TOMP and attract new local members.

We took part in our second TOMP ‘Stomp’ late in 2016 where many groups of teenagers run around the suburb and do set activities at about 20 locations. At our station they donned paddling safety gear and dragged a couple of short kayaks across the lawn. Thanks to Andrew Maurice for setting up and manning our station this year.


We ran our Open Day in October with people attending and having a tryout paddle, and some subsequently joined the Club. Thanks to the volunteers and Instructors who assist on the day.

The Rod Fry race happened in April and saw about 60 people registering – down on the previous year.  Many thanks again to Lee Edwards for coordinating this event and to the many other helpers on the day.

Several day and overnight paddling events have been arranged such as Broke Inlet, Moore River, Penguin Island etc and I thank the Instructors who have arranged and led these trips.

We have again been lacking an active Social sub-committee and so have seen few social events other than our massive 50th celebrations.


At December 2016 Christmas party, Marion Ewing was awarded Club Member of the Year, Zlatan Ibrahimbegovic was presented with Paddler of the Year, and Alexandria Choate was crowned Junior Paddler of the Year.


Kate Vyvyan bravely volunteered to take over from Julie Wheelhouse, spanning a period that has required many payments with our building program, so many thanks go to Kate.


I hope everyone has noticed the significant improvement in the cleanliness of the Club in the last 8 months – this is the result of hiring member Karen Righton for this arduous task.  I thank Karen for putting much more effort into this job that we pay for.

Gym Equipment

Your Committee decided some months ago that we should purchase some basic gym equipment suitable for paddlers which will be placed in the north-east corner of the upstairs area.

Unwelcomed Incidents and Rules

We have had three events this year where members have seriously flouted our Club rules and this has resulted considerable debate on the Committee, resulting in realising that our rules are not well publicised and so it was decided we needed to formalise set of Club rules which David Williams is drafting.


Lastly, I would like to thank the many people who have made this year a good success – especially our Committee and the Training and Development sub-committee and our Instructors who continue to provide a wonderful service to the Club, and to all the voluntary Club Officers doing a range of smaller jobs that keep things chugging along.

Peter Ewing – 5th July 2017



On Wednesday 5th July at 7pm the Club will be holding its Annual General Meeting at the clubrooms, 16 Johnson Street, Mosman Park.  All members are welcome and encouraged to attend – learn how the Club is run and maybe volunteer for a job. Drinks and nibbles provided afterwards. Below is the agenda and information regarding office bearers.


Swan Canoe Club  

7pm, 5 July 2017, at the Swan Canoe Club – 16 Johnson Parade Mosman Park

  1. Opening of Meeting – Chairman’s Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Confirmation of Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting
  4. Business arising from the last AGM
  5. Presentation of President’s Report
  6. Presentation of Treasurer’s Report
  7. Other reports
  8. Election of New Committee Members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Officer and three general committee members
  9. Election of other roles within Swan Canoe Club
  1. Other General Business
  2. Closure of Meeting

Information regarding the Volunteering for a position:

Our Club is run by volunteers, so it is important for all members consider contributing in some way – either on the Committee, or one of the many smaller roles as listed here. 

Committee Roles

All current office bearers will stand down, and nomination and voting on the new committee for 2016-17 will take place. To aid you in deciding if you wish to stand for the committee or one of the club posts, the following is an overview of the roles in the club.

President: Co-ordinates and supervises the office bearers/committee and activities of the club, chairs our monthly committee meetings and delegates jobs/roles and activities to other club members as necessary. The President also acts as a liaison between the Club, Town of Mosman Park, Canoeing WA and other clubs, by attending the Presidents meetings every 6 months. Replies to emails/calls concerning the club from members, CWA and external individuals and if required represents the club at external meetings/social gatherings.

Vice President: Supports the role of the President, stands in as chair at committee meetings if the President unavailable. Takes on jobs/roles as required by the President. Being VP does not necessarily mean that the next year the individual becomes President, however it is seen as a way of learning the role.

Secretary: Responsible for recording the minutes of committee meetings, AGM and any special general meetings. Also to conduct and keep records of all club correspondence both in paper and electronic form. Maintaining the club notice boards and sending out emails/newsletters to club members.

Treasurer: Records and monitors the clubs’ finances, updates the committee monthly on transactions and account balances and prepares the accounts yearly for auditing. Pays the Club’s bills and outgoings as sanctioned by the committee.

Membership Officer: Responsible for the database of members, ensures that new members are added and those that have left have been removed.  Updates the website every quarter to amend the membership costs throughout the year. Fields enquiries from prospective members and every wet induction night is available to welcome new members and assign them their key. Monitors the allocation of the key fobs and when required replaces lost ones.

General Committee Members: Non-executive roles (four) to generally assist in running the club.

Other Important Roles

There are other roles that are just as important to the running of the Club, but do not necessarily require people to be on the committee:

Webmaster: Responsible for keeping the SCC website up to date. Does not necessarily have to write everything, it’s up to the committee/training and development/social and members to send things to the webmaster for inclusion on the website.

Boat Space Co-ordinator: Allocates and monitors the boat spaces within the club. Liaises quite closely with the membership officer, in checking that boats are being stored by current members and that they are being stored in the right place!

Boat Hire Officer: Co-ordinates the requests from club members who wish to hire club boats for trips/courses away from the club.

Social Co-ordinator: As head of the social committee organises the social functions on behalf of the club, e.g. monthly BBQs, post Avon Descent gathering and annual Christmas party.


Clubroom Hire Officer

Trip Coordinator

Open Day Coordinator

Rod Fry Race Coordinator

Safety & Security Officer

Assets Officer

Boat Repair Coordinator

Paddle Bash Coordinator

Marathon Representative

Sea Kayaking Representative

Slalom Representative

Sprint Representative

Wild Water Representative

A list of these roles and current holders is on the website – see About Us > Key Contacts.

Newsletter 9th June 2017


Fundraiser Silent Auction – LAST CHANCE
Intro to Kayaking Course on 18th June
University Challenge within the Avon Descent

Fundraiser Silent Auction – LAST CHANCE

Lots of great value items are still available to bid on from the silent auction held during the Slalom Junior Fundraising evening last month.  Please take a look HERE before Sunday – some items are not even related to paddling!

And remember the funds raised are to help our juniors Alexandria Choate, Louis Richardson, Billie Knell and Kira Wall travel to the Canoe Slalom Junior Worlds Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia in July as members of the Australian Junior Team.  GOOD LUCK PADDLERS!

Intro to Kayaking Course on 18th June

A few places are still available for our next Introduction to Kayaking course on the 18th June – please  contact Geoff at or 0403 604 082 if interested.

University Challenge within the Avon Descent

This year they are planning to have a University Challenge within the Avon Descent and are currently looking for competitors to join. Only eligible students can participate, which means, they would be currently studying with UWA, Murdoch, Notre Dame (Curtin?, Edith Cowan? – maybe), and be a competent paddler. The students would compete just as they usually would, but at the same time, they would race against other competitors from the other universities to win the Cup. Benefits would include a 20% entry fee discount, as well as extra free training units, mentored by Spirit Paddle. They are currently sourcing students to join the challenge in order to move ahead with it.  Please contact Fran on 0431 066 804 if interested.

Coming Events (see our website calendar for full details):

Fundraiser Auction 2017



Fundraiser Auction 2017

We still have the following silent auction items available.  This is a great chance to get quality goods and services at below cost AND support WA junior members heading to the World Junior Canoe Slalom Championships in July.

All items have been donated by our very generous sponsors.  Please email final bids to by Sunday 11th June.  To arrange viewing or ask questions please call Rob on 0427774974

Item Retail Value Donated by Bidding is at…
Augusta Adventure Race Team Entry (can swap) 375 Rapid Ascent 200
Odessy Carbon Paddle 230 (can swap) 580 MainPeak 250
Search 215 Paddle (can swap) 270 MainPeak 150
Pursuit 220 Paddle (can swap) 270 MainPeak 150
SUP Weekend Hire 75 Paddlesport Megastore 30
SUP Weekend Hire 75 Paddlesport Megastore 30
Black Diamond ATC Sport Belay Device 30 Rockface, Northbridge 10
Three Month Climbing and YOGA Entry 270 Rockface, Northbridge 100
One Month Climbing and YOGA Entry 100 Rockface, Northbridge 50
Professional  Bike service / clean (no parts) 65 TJW 20
Professinoal Bike service / clean (no parts) 65 TJW 20
Big river tapered dry bag 35L 70 Sea to Summit 35
Big river tapered dry bag 35L 70 Sea to Summit 35
Spirit PFD (check size  – no swap) 120 Canoeing Down Under 40
Spirit PFD (check size  – no swap) 120 Canoeing Down Under 40
Ultra PFD (sheck size – no swap) 140 Canoeing Down Under 40
Ultra PFD (sheck size – no swap) 140 Canoeing Down Under 40
Stellar Ski Sling 170 Stellar 80
Med Dry Bag 25 MDs 10
Pack Cover 40 MDs 15
Peaches $100 voucher 100 Peaches Deli SOLD
Three Month Climbing and YOGA Entry 270 Rockface, Northbridge SOLD
WE Spark Pack 90 Wilderness Equipment SOLD
Set Thermal Underwear 60 Canoeing Down Under SOLD
Set of Books by Terry (can be autographed) 50 Canoeing Down Under SOLD
Handmade Bow Tie 50 Ewing SOLD
WASO 2 tickets to Classics 3, Fri 9th June 185 WASO SOLD
VW Spares and Repairs  – any car service voucher 250 VW Spares and repairs SOLD

Newsletter 10th May 2017


Fundraiser for our Juniors going to Slovakia – THIS SAT 13th MAY
Club Boat Use – each use must be recorded
Junk in Boatshed
Paddle Challenge – this Sun 14th May

Fundraiser for our Juniors going to Slovakia – THIS SAT 13th MAY

Alexandria Choate, Louis Richardson, Billie Knell and Kira Wall travel to the Canoe Slalom Junior Worlds Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia in July as members of the Australian Junior Team. We are holding a fundraising event this Saturday with BBQ food, silent auctions, raffle and live jazz/funk music from Bass Lemon 13th May 6:30 – 10:30 pm at the clubrooms. All profits will go towards helping our four Swan paddlers’ travels.

Please book and/or make a donation at this site. Remember if you can’t make the event, but would like to donate towards their travel expenses, you can use the link in the last sentence. Personal costs to represent Australia at Junior Worlds is $5000 plus for each athlete. Any financial help would be greatly appreciated.

Club Boat Use – each use must be recorded

We notice that many members who paddle Club boats are forgetting to record each use in the log book in the foyer.  Please remember this important Club rule.  It also helps us determine the popular boats in our fleet and thus influence future boat purchases.

Junk in Boatshed

While cleaning out the boatshed under some member boats we found two clear plastic storage containers with items like an anchor, clothing, flippers.  If this is not claimed soon it will go in the bin.

Canoeing WA Be Active Paddle Challenge – this Sunday 14th May

Starting at the AP Hinds Reserve in Bayswater the 18km long course will be the main target for many paddlers training towards the Avon Descent this year. Other courses available include: 11km Short course, 6km Novice/Guppy Course, 3.5km Guppy Course.  More details and to register go here before 11th!

Coming Events (see our website calendar for full details):

Newsletter 7th April 2017


Paddling Back to Normal – but work continues
Busy Bee Helpers – MANY THANKS
Water, Sawdust & Iron Filings
Rob Fry Memorial Race – Thanks
Unite on the Swan raft-up – this Sunday
SAND – Please wash and wipe your feet

Paddling Back to Normal – but work continues

Thanks for your patience while we have been adding the new balcony/alfresco area – those of you who attended the race last Sunday got to experience it and the reaction was ‘WOW’.  However there are still a range of minor finishing jobs to be completed over the next few weeks.
Note: The balcony area is locked and not accessible for the next week while the floor surface finished.

Busy Bee Helpers – MANY THANKS

We need to offer a big thank you to the 25 or so members who have contributed time during the building works: the demolition in February,  Friday’s moving building materials out (and an unexpected bonus helping to lift massive steel beams on the balcony), and then the huge clean-up on Saturday afternoon to make the Club presentable for the race on Sunday.

Water, Sawdust & Iron Filings

Many Club and member boats directly below the new balcony (south-east corner) have been exposed to rain water, saw dust and iron filings dropping from above while the roof and floor were missing.  Please be careful removing those boats – some are heavier from the water!  We hope no permanent damage has been done, since the builder endeavoured to protect boats from the worst materials.

Rob Fry Memorial Race – Thanks

A special thanks to all the members who made our annual race last Sunday a huge success, and especially to Lee Edwards for directing the event perfectly for the third time. The results are here.

Unite on the Swan raft-up – this Sunday

It’s on again this Sunday at 7am in East Perth – details here. If you would like to participate but don’t have your own craft or roof racks please contact Rosalie at CWA as they may be able to assist you. 0438 754 411

SAND – Please wash and wipe your feet

We now have a special jarrah staircase so let’s all try harder to wash and wipe our feet before leaving the boat area – this will make cleaning the foyer and changerooms easier too!

Coming Events (see our website calendar for full details):