Holiday Sessions for Juniors

We have several scheduled classes for this school holidays. The sessions will be small to make sure that everyone gets close attention. We recommend doing at least two consecutive sessions to really hone the skills the kids work on.

Classes will be held from 15th April – 18th April.

Sessions are $15 per child.

Please contact to book your place.

December Newsletter

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Pairs Enduro – 2nd December

Rolling session – 6th December

Slalom Summer Series #3 – 8th December

Upstairs Club Hire – 11th December

New Member Inductions – 11th December

Introduction to Sea Kayaking – 16th December

Mandurah Canals (Marathon #3) – 16th December

Club Night – 20th December

National Wildwater Racing Championships – 3-6 January

National Slalom Championships – 10-13 January

10km Championships – 13th January

State Sprint Championships – 20th January

Junior Holiday Program – 21-24 January

Broke Inlet Paddle – 25-28th January


The membership officer will be cutting off key fobs of unpaid memberships. Anyone that has not paid their membership will no longer be eligible for a boat space and their craft may be moved from the club. We understand that there have been issues in renewals, if for any reason you are unable to pay your fees, please contact the membership officer and we will make sure that the issue is resolved.

Membership contact email –

Contact membership now

Expression of Interest

All those interested in either competing or volunteering at the 2019 Sprint Kayaking National Championships, please email

Next year we are hoping to have lots of juniors competing. If you know of someone under the age of 14 who you think would love to wear the WA team uniform please send through an enquiry. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! We will provide craft and training to juniors.

Enquire now
Paddle WA Board Member
Due to a member being involved with the Paddle Australia Board, we are still looking for one more person to join the 2019 Paddle WA Board.
If you would like to have input into the way paddling runs in our state, please send an email of interest to
Paddle Australia Calling for
2019 Team Managers and Selectors

Expressions of Interest are now open to be the Team Manager or a Selectorfor the following 2019 Australian teams:

Freestyle World Championship Team
Wildwater Junior & U23 World Championship Team
Wildwater Senior World Championship Team
Ocean Racing World Championship Team
Marathon World Championship Team

Nominations close on the 9th of December

Nominate now
Paddle Australia is also looking for members to join the
Wildwater Technical Committee. As a member, you would provide operational advice and support in the running of the Wildwater discipline.
Wildwater is currently on the rise in Australia, with many new events and development camps occurring. If you are interested in the development of this discipline, read more below.
Nominate now
Contact now
Register now
Register now
2019 Sea Kayak Fest 
We welcome all kayakers to attend the 2019 Sea Kayak Fest hosted by
Paddle WA & Sea Kayak Club WA. The event will take place in the beautiful Geographe Bay at Camp Grace (approx. 10km from Busselton), and is close to plenty of excellent paddling sites on the capes, with opportunity for paddlers of all levels to challenge themselves and enjoy learning about the many dimensions of sea kayaking. The weekend will include an array of on and off water activities, daily kayaking trips, opportunities to learn new skills, and the chance to learn from some of the worlds most experienced paddlers.
Registrations are now open
We thought we would share this with you all. It is CRAZY but so cool!
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August News

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Hey Swannies!

Our new committee recently had their first meeting. There have been some changes and some exciting new ideas discussed so please read on to find out more!


As a club, we have always strived to be inclusive and welcoming. The Club Nights have historically been great nights where there were plenty of members and non-members getting to know each other.

As a committee, we have decided that fortnightly club nights are not achieving the previously mentioned community that we desired. Instead of fortnightly club nights, we have created a monthly club night. By having the club night less often, we are able to commit more time and effort into planning. We will cater to all skill levels and ages.

Each month there will be an official time trial, open to all skill levels and speeds. This will be entirely free of charge and will be a great way to test yourself. There will be a choice of a 3km, 6km or 12km course. After each race, we will make a record of times so that you can access them and aim to improve for the next event.

Our first club night will be held on August 16th. We would really love it if you could come. The event is open to non-members as well. The poster below has more information about the upcoming club night.

Previously the mobile contact for SCC was a personal mobile. From now on, the number above must be used instead. Please be aware that you will only receive replies within club office hours which can be seen below. Please spread the word.

Newsletter Survey

Recently we asked everyone to give some feedback on the newsletters. The results are as follows.

We asked how often members would like to receive newsletters and the majority of respondents have said monthly. We will continue to send the newsletter out monthly with occasional special notice newsletters as required.
We always strive to make sure that our newsletters cover as much need to know information as possible. When we asked what you think is most important to include, this is what we received. We will endeavour to include more tips and trip ideas as this is something our newsletters have been lacking. The feedback received was greatly appreciated and if you have any further feedback, please reply to this email.
The above graph represents the readership of the newsletter showing that most people do read the whole newsletter. For those that don’t, let us know why. If there is something we can fix to make it more enjoyable for you, then we will do our best.

Backdated Electricity Accounts from the Town of Mosman Park.

Swan Canoe Club has had a good relationship with the Town of Mosman Park (TOMP), which traditionally has been very supportive of the club.
Recently the club committee were shocked to be informed by TOMP that it is claiming reimbursement from the Club of prior electricity accounts for $14,842, covering the period from 2010 until 2017. These have never before been raised by TOMP. We understand that TOMP has made similar claims to other sporting and recreational clubs in the district.
As you would appreciate, if this claim is sustainable, it would make a large dent in our finances. 
We have formed a sub-committee to look at this issue, including to check each of the accounts, to the extent possible verify that they directly relate to power usage at the clubhouse, and consider all our options. 
We are in contact with the other clubs in the Mosman Park area who are also grappling with these unexpected demands.
We shall keep you informed as the matter unfolds.  
Please feel free to contact the President, Julia Davies or the Secretary Geoff Emery if you have any comments or suggestions.
Geoff Emery
Swan Canoe Club.

We are currently looking into club merchandise.

Below are some ideas for a jacket, polo and rashie. If you have any suggestions or experience in designing, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Before we get too carried away, we need some feedback from you! 

We won’t start organising any club merchandise until we are certain that the members are interested. If you would like to see club merchandise, make sure you click the button below.

Let us know what you think!
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This is the Swan Canoe Club newsletter, we send out need to know information about the club and upcoming opportunities, you can opt out at any time.

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Swan Canoe Club

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mosman park, Wa 6012


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Introduction to White Water Kayaking

Introduction to White Water Kayaking course

This course will give instruction on the kayaking skills required to negotiate rapids on water up to grade two. For more information please contact the instructor

Requirements- Must have good basic kayaking skills.
Instructor: Colin Priest. Email

More information at

June Newsletter

SCC Newsletter


Hi there Swannies,

Winter is finally here! Make sure you check the weather forecast before going for a paddle and dress accordingly, we don’t want anyone getting sick or hurt out on the water. We have some very exciting events coming up, such as the Annual General Meeting, so please read on to find out more.

  • SCC Guided Paddle – Saturday, June 2nd
  • Junior Fundraiser Come & Try/Movie night – Saturday, June 2nd, 15:00
  • Peel Paddle 50 – Sunday, June 3rd
  • Dry induction – Tuesday, June 5th
  • Middle Swan Marathon Race – Sunday, June 10th
  • Matilda Bay Paddle – Sunday, June 10th
  • Wet induction – Tuesday, June 12th
  • Wildwater Drains Race – Sunday, June 17th
  • Intro to Whitewater – Sunday, June 17th
  • Intro to Kayaking – Sunday, June 24th
  • Brevis Choate Memorial Race – Sunday, June 24th
  • Moonlight Paddle – Thursday, June 28th
  • Intro to Whitewater – Saturday, June 30th
  • SCC AGM – Thursday, 21st June

Marathon Training 

Come down on Friday nights for race training. Sessions range anywhere from 3km – 18km. All are welcome, so make sure to get in contact with Andrew on 0400944818

Have your say! 

Make sure you don’t miss this year’s AGM! Please don’t hesitate to contact admin to find out more.

Our Oustanding Junior Competitors

Alexandria and Jack Choate are the only West Australian members of the Canoe Slalom Junior Team selected to represent Australia in the 2018 Junior and U23 Canoe Slalom World Championships held in Italy later this year.

Alexandria is 17 years old and has been coached by Zlatan Ibrahimbegovic at Swan Canoe Club since 2010. Alexandria has competed for Australia in Canoe Slalom, paddling canoe and kayak in New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Poland and Slovakia over the last three years.

“I was also selected for this team last year, where I made it to the semi-finals in C1 (Canoe Single). This year I hope to make it further and bring the best I’ve got to this competition.”

Jack at 15 years of age is the youngest athlete selected onto the national junior team and is also coached by Zlatan Ibrahimbegovic.

“This year’s ICF Canoe Slalom Junior World Championships will be my first major international competition, and the first step on my path towards furthering my paddling career. I am proud to have performed at a high enough level at the Australian Junior Team Selection to be selected for both canoe (C1) and kayak (K1). I am currently working hard to perform at that same high level again at the pinnacle event in Ivrea, Italy.”

To assist with the costs of training, travelling and competing as part of the Australian Junior Team, Alexandria and Jack are holding a Fundraising Event on June 2nd2018.

This will consist of :

3 pm  “Come and Try” paddling with the Australian Junior Team athletes – $5 per person

4:30 pm BBQ dinner for sale with videos of slalom training, past world cups and championships,

6 pm Movie Night: Blue the Film (rated PG) – a provocative journey into the ocean realm highlights a critical moment in time when the marine world is on a precipice- no admission charge, donations welcome, popcorn and snacks for sale.

If interested in attending please contact:

Tax Deductible donations to Alexandria and Jack can be made here:

Information about Swan Canoe Club’s junior classes can be obtained by emailing:

Photo Credit: Kylie Wilson

Saturday, June 24th, 2018

This course is designed for people who are new to kayaking. It will provide information on:

What to wear when kayaking
Safety awareness when kayaking
Different types of kayak design
Different types fo paddles

It will provide instruction on how to: 

Determine the correct length of a paddle
Hold a paddle
Life and carry a kayak
Get in and out of a kayak
Launch and land a kayak
Adopt the correct sitting position while kayaking
Raft up with other kayakers
Paddle forward
Paddle backwards
Turn a kayak
Stop a kayaking in an emergency
Use the paddle to brace to help prevent a capsize
Manoeuvre the kayak sideways
Capsize and self-rescue.

Boat Hire Rules

  1. Only SCC members may hire boats.
  2. Only plastic boats are available for hire. Composite (fibreglass/carbon/kevlar) boats are too easily damaged to hire out.
  3. You need to have both roof racks and kayak cradles to transport the boat.
    If you don’t have these, you will either need to ask to arrange the appropriate transport or purchase them before hiring. The boats get quite badly damaged when carried without cradles.
  4. You pay for the number of days you use the boat so that if you pick it up a day before, you don’t need to pay for that day. However, this leniency is really only for transport days and it is not intended that you hold on to the boat for any length of time when it is not in use.
  5. The cost is $30 per day. This includes hire of a PFD and paddle.
  6. You can pay an extra $10 per boat per day for a spray deck. Please be careful to try these on the boat before you leave the club, as boats have differing sized cockpits and you have to size the spray deck to the boat.
  7. When paying for the boat/equipment hire, the preferred method of payment is by direct transfer, the boat hire officer will give you the details on enquiry. It can also be done by credit card or PayPal.
  8. Please check that the boat is in working order before leaving the club. If there it is damaged or unusable please inform the boat space officer straight away and arrange another craft.
  9. Please fill in the Craft Usage Logbook when removing the boat from the Clubrooms.
  10. If the boat is damaged in any way while in your care, please let the Admin know what has happened. We can then get them repaired promptly.
    You also need to fill out the REPAIRS LOG BOOK on the desk near the Club front door documenting the required repairs, and if the boat is unpaddlable please attach a REPAIRS REQUIRED tag to the stern (tags are in the desk drawer).
  11. Damaged boats that are left unreported can be a hazard for the next paddler. If a boat is damaged beyond repair, it may need to be replaced by you at the cost of an equivalent new model.
  12. Please be sure to keep spray decks, paddles, life-jackets and pod-covers inside the car when travelling. They are notorious for flying out of canoes if they are stored in or on them when driving.
  13. Lost items will need to be paid for at the cost of an equivalent, new replacement.

Contact Admin at

If you have any stories you would like to submit, send them to

Venue Hire

The upstairs area will be unavailable for members on these dates:

  • Saturday, June 2nd – 15:00 – late
  • Saturday, June 9th – 17:30 – late


For those of you with boat-spaces, please ensure that your name and number is visible on your craft, and please return the new terms of agreement form!