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Swan Canoe Club is one the oldest canoe and kayak clubs in Australia, starting in 1966 on Perth Water and moving to Mosman Park in about 1970.

We are also one of the largest clubs in Australia with around 400 active members paddling many different types of craft.  Many are recreational paddlers enjoying our wonderful location for paddling on protected flat waters, but we also have a core of very competitive paddlers in several classes who compete at State, National and International levels. Our membership includes World Champions and Olympians for example, and our more adventurous members enjoy sea kayaking, maybe white water in winter and wonderful trips away to a variety of locations around the State.

We have an active program for junior paddlers teaching them both flat and whitewater skills, as well as running regular lessons for anyone run by our accredited coaches.

Our Club is run by our members, and members are expected to volunteer for jobs during each year since it is a massive job, so please keep this in mind if considering joining.

Open Day at Swan Canoe Club, October 2014

When you join SCC as a member you gain access to a wonderful resource in a premier location in Perth:


Top floor:

  • Large open meeting area with kitchen, and balcony overlooking river (licensed for 100 people).
  • Audio-visual system – data projector and a large screen; DVD/BluRay, TV tuner & radio connected to loudspeakers
  • Gas BBQ, table tennis
  • Note that this area can be hired for daytime corporate events and training (but not for parties or weddings)

Ground floor:

  • Foyer & notice board area
  • Toilets, hot showers & change rooms
  • Storage racks for about 300 canoes and kayaks (Club and member boats)

Boats: About 70 Club craft (short through long kayaks of many types, singles and doubles, surf skis, guppies) for the member’s free to use when paddled from the Club rooms, or to hire when transported away from Club.

Club boats and facilities are NOT TO BE USED BY NON-MEMBERS.

The key purpose of Club boats is for members to have access to a variety of boats to paddle (from the Club rooms) prior to purchasing their own craft, and not for members to use in perpetuity. It is expected that members will purchase their own craft in a reasonable time frame if boat spaces are available.

The Club will hire boats to members for sanctioned Club activities which include Club organised training courses and Club trips. The Club may also hire boats for some low damage risk private paddles and races. The final decision will be made by the Boat Hire Officer and/or the Club Committee.

Slalom gates: On the river adjacent to Club with night lighting.

Storage: For $175 a year, members can store their own boat in the boat racks. See here for more details.

Important Roles

President Julia Davies
Vice President Kerry Hughes
Secretary Geoff Emery
Treasurer Kate Vyvyan
Administrative Officer Demi O’Brien
Membership Officer Isabella Choate



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You can download and read our Constitution here.