2019 Sprint Kayaking Nationals


Regardless of experience or ability, we are calling all those that are interested in competing at the National Sprint Champs. For those that are interested, we will work with you to make sure you are ready for the coolest event ever! Boats, Lifejackets and Paddles will be provided for all competitors

For anyone under the age of 14, next years nationals will be a great chance to have some fun and witness our top level elite paddlers fight for places on our Toyko team.

Each time that Perth holds the Nationals, we put emphasis on the inclusion of the younger age groups as we know that it is super exciting to represent our state.

All junior U10 and U12 events will be held over the weekend so that school is not missed. This will also be when many of the finals for events will be held for the older age groups (including some of our current top elite events). U14 events will be held throughout the week.

If there is interest from those above 14, we will still accommodate, however it gets significantly more competitive and requires more training to compete in the higher age groups.

To find out more email admin@swancanoeclub.org.au