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Avon Descent is Aug 7th-8th


Unfortunately, the entry list is not available, so we’re not exactly sure who!

So, if you are competing, click here and fill in the form or drop us an email with your name(s), category and race ID and we will put your details up on the front page!
Also, if you are volunteering (e.g. ASU), send us an email and let us know as how/where you are helping and we’ll acknowledge you on the front page as well.
Please get all responses in by late Thurs Aug 5th – the website will be updated with final lists EARLY Friday morning!

If you are spectating and know when and where you will be, why not put up a message on the Message Board and let others know where you will be.

If you are interested in spectating, check out the Message Board , or go to the Avon Descent website and click on Spectators.

Good luck to all the competitors and thanks (in advance) for all the cheering and help from the spectators and volunteers!

Free Coaching Workshops – presented by the Australian Sports Commission



Dear sporting club contacts,
All coaches, teachers and those with a vested interest in the physical activity industry are invited to a series of FREE workshops presented by the Australian Sports Commission, as per the document attached.   
During this series of workshops, you will pick up some great ideas and tips to help keep your sessions fun and effective, as well as providing clubs with some new ideas and ways to increase junior membership.


The workshops are open to everyone, not just those involved in the Active After-school Communities program. Please feel free to distribute the invitation throughout your networks.
For more information see the Workshop Invitation below or call 9492 9769. We look forward to seeing you there!
Kind regards
Craig Stein
Regional Coordinator – Fremantle North
Active After-school Communities
Australian Sports Commission
PO Box 329, Leederville WA 6903
246 Vincent St, Leederville WA 6007
Tel: +61 8 9492 9734
Fax: +61 8 9492 9770
Mob: 0437 700 442
Our mission — To enrich the lives of all Australians through sport

Keep up to date with what’s happening in Australian sport visit




 DR Training Camp – Moondyne Convention Centre


3rd Sepetmber after work, 4th September all day and 5th September until after lunch

The White Water Technical Committee (WWTC) has organised a weekend training camp for Down River Paddlers at the Moondyne Convention Centre. Numbers are limited to 23 participants. The prerequisite is having access to a Down River Kayak or Wave-hopper and previous white water experience. This is not a camp for beginners and participanst require a reasonable degree of confidence and ability in rapids.

This is a Training Camp for DR paddlers wishing to:
¥Advance their ÔrapidÕ skills
¥Progress their white water training
¥Improve their racing lines
¥Develop self confidence in rapids

All three instructors (Dave Worthy, Darryl Long and Neil long) are accomplished experienced Down River Paddlers. The sessions will cover important theory followed by practical and active application. Modules include

¥River running;
¥River hydraulic and dynamics – where to place your kayak;
¥Steering your boat and boat control;
¥Choosing your line;
Training, Pacing and Physiology

The committee would like to acknowledge and sincerely the instructors (Dave Worthy, Darryl Long and Neil Long) for volunteering their time and contributing significantly to the development for Down River racing in Western Australia.

More information and Registration Forms is available here.