Winery Paddle 2009 – trip report


Yet another Swan Canoe Club Winery Paddle was held on November the 22nd. A select group of 13 brave paddlers met up at 10am … well it’s nice to start at a civilised time … and braved the upper reaches of the Swan past Guildford to reach Houghton’s Winery in time for some wine tasting and a relaxed lunch under the jacaranda trees. The trials of the journey included fighting the construction hose obstructing the river by the new West Swan Bridge ( thanks to Geoff for his valiant actions in moving the hose), sinking knee deep into the mud at the obscure take out point, then the trek through the undergrowth to the winery itself. However it was all worth it to sit around, eat good food, and chat about, well, not a lot !

Seriously, it’s a great day, a pleasant and peaceful paddle, and we’d love to see more paddlers come along next year. It’s perfect for new paddlers, and is a really good introduction to a lovely part of the river with the reward of a winery lunch for a couple of hours before the slow paddle back.