Nanga Bush Camp places filling up


Nanga bookings are going strong – 15 official so far! Still plenty of places (another 15) but get in soon!
Get the early bird rate (save $20) by booking and paying on or before Tues Sep 4th.

Click here to book online (save paper!)

Several people have told me they are coming but have not filled out a form – either from the Nanga 2007 Flyer (click here) or the new online booking form.
If you have not filled out one of these forms, the 15 does not include you, so please hop to it and avoid disappointment!

Anyway, there are decent rains predicted up untill about a week before the Nanga weekend, so I'm quietly confident of good weather (but cold at night!) and good paddling (but please don't hold me to it!).

To help plan these trips we need people to advise their paddling intentions in advance.

If you want to paddle at Nanga, you must contact Elaine or Colin via or 93376868 prior to booking. Numbers may also be limited.

Tracy Thomas is in charge of organizing the food, and after her skiing miss-hap, I'm sure she would appreciate as much help as she can get.
Click here to help Tracy with Food

Elaine Lennox is in charge of the organized paddles. Please don't just rock up and expect to do the organized paddles.
Click here to ask Elaine about paddling at Nanga.

Don't forget to hire a kayak if you need one!
Click here to ask Gina to hire a club kayak.

See you there!
Craig (Nanga Organizer)
(08) 9228 0665 (home – leave message)

Paddling Safety

All trips require the wearng of PFDs and helmets. A spraydeck is also required if using a kayak.

In case of a capsize in a kayak, paddlers must be competent in their capsize drill i.e. safe exit of an upside down kayak with a spraydeck fitted.

Boats must also have good buoyancy. Large volume kayaks should be fitted with additional buoyancy via airbags (Club can provide these for club boats). Boats also need to be fitted with hand grabs (safe end loops) and foot braces should be checked to make sure they can be properly adjusted to suit the paddler.

A spare thermal top and some high energy type food is recommended to be carried in a drybag (that is safely secured in the boat), especially if conditions are wet and cold. Suitable secure paddling footwear is recommended.

More information will be provided at the pre-trip briefing night Tues 11th Sept.

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Planned Paddles

UPPER MURRAY – Yarragill Brook to Nanga Bush Camp


There will be one instructor (Colin Thorpe) leading a trip on the Upper on Sat. Because there is only one instructor available places will be limited. This is grade 1 / 2 water. Can be done in longer plastic boats if paddlers are confident in paddling these boats on moving water. As well as some fairly straight forward easy to negotiate rapids (G 1 / 2) there are also some short T tree sections (not bad) and faster flowing current sections depending on the water level on the day. This trip takes several hours and involves some longer flat paddling sections. Total trip is around 12K. [Note: Baden Powell Water Spout (G 3/4) is portaged river left. This is an easy portage.]
Depending if instructor time/availablity allows, there may also be an impromptu instruction session (intro to WW) later on Sat afternoon for new paddlers or paddlers wishing to practice their ww skills on a small rapids section just upstream from the Nanga bushcamp. Suitable for 'small' boats only – eg Dancers etc.


Two instructors (Elaine Lennox & Colin Scully) are available to lead a trip on the Upper as above.

MIDDLE MURRAY – Nanga Bush Camp to Scarp Road


There is also the possibility of Instructor(s) lead Middle Murray trip on Sat which will be open to small groups of competent ww paddlers only, paddling in appropriate ww boats i.e. boats easy to control on ww. The idea is to stop at suitable rapids and practice white water manoeuvres and 'play' a bit. Minimum entry level is for paddlers who have undertaken an intro to WW course and are confident of their ability to tackle grade 2/3 white water. This is aimed at paddlers who would prefer to go down accompanied with an instructor. Please contact either Elaine or Colin – or 93376868. [Note: If the water level is considered by the instructor to be too high (i.e. outside of the risk management guidelines) then an instructor lead MM trip may not be available.]

Note: all planned paddles are subject to appropriate water levels. Organised paddles may be cancelled if conditions are too dangerous, but this is very unlikely.

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