What is a Point Walter ‘peer group’ paddle?


 The Inaugural Point Walter Peer Group Coffee Paddle É.. what actually is it ? Well, a peer group paddle is a paddle run without instructors, by a group of people with no allocated leader, but who, by maintaining certain minimum safety standards, are covered by our insurance. So, the Club has put together some guidelines for the popular Point Walter Paddle, and had them approved by CWA. So, if you paddle within these guidelines, you are covered by insurance as a peer group, and donÕt need to worry about getting hold of an instructor. The guidelines are, in brief

á         There must be at least three of you, with a mobile phone

á         You must wear PFDs

á         You must have all undergone an Intro to Kayaking course or similar, or be known paddlers

á         You must follow the approved route, to Blackwall Reach and across the sand spit.

á         You must register in the book at the club as a Òpeer group paddlerÓ

The inaugural paddle, on the 9th of September, is a chance to meet some of the normal paddlers, hear what the requirements are to form a peer group, then to paddle over to the cafŽ and enjoy a coffee and muffin. For more details, call Jennifer on 0403 502 584 or email her on jenniferhouston@optusnet.com.au.