Links to other canoeing & related information

Perth’s White Water Park – please go and register your interest
Canoeing WA – State peak organisation
Australian Canoeing – National peak organisation
Canoeing in WA – great information on this private site
Swan River Trust – caring for the Swan and Canning Rivers & report pollution etc
Ascot Kayak Club – the other big club in Perth
Rather Be Paddling – Perth-based paddling community website
Tips on canoeing – one good site
How Fast is Your Kayak? – a good paper detailing  tests on 17 kayaks by Rapid Ascent (4MB download)
Avon/Swan River levels – near real time and history
Other River levels – a range of other links and data
Kayaks on your car – WA laws regarding front and rear overhang limits and fines – BEWARE!
American Whitewater – does some great work restoring and conserving rivers
Getting on a surf-ski in deep water – a series of pictures showing how to get back on a ski in deep water
General Surf-ski info – centralised surfski information for surf ski enthusiasts
Tying Knots – A good website to learn about different types of knots and how to do them