Junior Paddling at Swan Canoe Club

Zlatan coaching juniors in slalom
Amanda and the guppies

Kayaking for juniors at Swan Canoe Club happens on selected afternoons during school terms (day depends on ages, experience and numbers), and during most school holidays.

Kayaking for juniors is available to kids aged 9+ providing they are able to swim and can submerge their head under water (must be prepared to get wet).

Instruction is given in basic skills to enable them to pass the Australian Canoeing Basic Skills award test and obtain a certificate in Basic Skills.
If a junior is interested in joining the classes, a junior induction is required to gauge how we can best accommodate the new student. These are one-on-one classes, to arrange an induction please see the following contact details.
Children have a choice of learning skills to become white water slalom paddlers, or learn to paddle flat water in Guppies leading to the Olympic Sprint discipline, marathon and surf skis.


Here’s a video showing the junior slalom group enjoying a training session at the Club (many thanks to Richard Seale and Kate Vyvyan).